Why do people choose one-piece, permeable Stall Skins over rubber stall mats to line their horse stalls? Here’s one lady’s story: “I used to walk into my friend’s barn and, even though it was clean, I was horrified at the smell of urine and usually had to go outside for a breath of fresh air. Then a couple of months ago I was visiting at her barn and realized that the smell had disappeared. She had replaced all her rubber horse mats with Stall Skins. Not only was the smell gone, she also told me of all the advantages of using Stall Skins instead of rubber mats.

“After listening to her, I decided to try Stall Skins in one stall where a very fidgety, pawing and stall-walking mare lives. I figured if Stall Skins could survive this mare, I’d use them throughout the barn. Here’s what happened: I bought the Stall Skins, hauled the rubber stall mats out to the wash rack, installed the Stall Skins, put down shavings, and waited to see if they’d pass the ‘mare test.’

“Well, boy howdy! Stall Skins really passed the test! They were half the cost of rubber mats, and I use about 50% of the amount of shavings I did with rubber stall mats! I discovered the real proof of how exceptional Stall Skins are when that broody, nervous mare didn’t damage them at all. Now all the stalls in my barn are lined with Stall Skins.”

Stall Skins, the permeable one-piece stall flooring solution, allows moisture from rain and urine to leach naturally into the subsoil rather than pooling on top of rubber stall mats.

Stall Skins are the perfect alternative to rubber stall mats and stable mats. They are easy to install, save on bedding (bedding lasts about 2 to 3 times longer than with rubber stall mats), and stall-related time and labor are greatly reduced. Stalls Skins are easier to clean than conventional rubber stall mats, and cost about 50% less (wow!) than stall mats. Horses stay cleaner, too, and the ammonia smell is greatly reduced.

Stall Skins has been providing horse people an intelligent alternative to rubber stall mats for over 15 years. In addition to being a superior choice over stall mats for your barn, Stall Skins is also perfect for lining paddocks or run-in sheds.