Why Thicker Isn't Better

It’s easy to manipulate the thickness of this type of material to generate “perceived value” for those not familiar with the material. An example would be if a tire manufacturer added 2″ to tread thickness. A stiffer ride and reduced gas mileage would be the consequences, although at first glance it would appear you’re getting a stronger tire.

The biggest drawback to thicker material is reduced permeability (not to mention a urine soaked, spongy flooring system.)

Lab tests show that adding 30% in thickness greatly reduces permeability, which is the goal:

Stallskins – 45 gallons per minute per Sq.ft.

30% thicker liner – 18 gallons per minute per Sq. ft.

We stand behind the formula for our material. 15 years of happy customers helps bolster our claim.

Southwest Animal Products, creators of Stallskins, was the first company to develop a low-cost, effective and easy to install one-piece permeable stall floor system.