The Stallskins Story


Stallskins – The Alternative to Rubber Mats


We are celebrating 15 years of providing stall flooring solutions to the equine community.

Contact us to find out why thousands of horse owners have switched to the simple, one-piece, water-permeable stall flooring system that pays for itself in less than one year.


The alternative to rubber stall mats!

Stallskins are the ultimate stall and paddock liner that costs 50% less than rubber stall mats. Lightweight, durable, easy to clean and most importantly, Stallskins are water permeable! That means your bedding stays dry and your horse stays clean.

Dirt floors develop holes, which need constant leveling, and bedding is always contaminated with dirt. Solid Rubber Stall Mats have helped solve these problems, but in turn have created problems of their own.

Rubber stall mats are expensive, bulky and heavy to handle, and tend to shift. But their biggest drawback is their inability to let urine drain through. This causes large volumes of expensive urine soaked bedding to be removed daily.

Stallskins are the most effective stall flooring system available. The number one alternative to rubber stall mats, soft stall flooring, ring and sand mats, rubber shaving alternatives and like equine flooring systems. Barn mats and equine flooring has been vastly improved with Stallskins in the marketplace. Also used as stable mats, paddock liners and kennel mats. Stallskins are multi-functional and cost efficient.

Enter the Stallskin Solution!

A low cost, lightweight (12 x 12 = 40 lbs.) one-piece stall liner, which will not shift in your stall. Stallskins are a water permeable GeoTextile, made out of polypropelene, so your bedding stays dryer and lasts longer. The concept is quite simple: If a Stallskin can save you $1.00 or more per day on bedding costs, it will pay for itself in only 9 months.

Over the past 14 years, Stallskins has developed what we think, is the perfect balance between durability and permeability (the ability for liquid to pass through the Stallskin material).