Stalls Skins are the ultimate choice over rubber horse stall mats. Why? They’re 50% of the cost of rubber stable mats, easy to install, they dramatically cut the cost of shavings, they reduce the amount of labor and time in cleaning stalls, and they reduce the smell of urine in the barn. And Stall Skins don’t bunch up and get shifted around like rubber horse stall mats.

Safety is another important factor. Here’s what one Stall Skin user said about why she purchased Stall Skins to replace conventional rubber horse stall mats in her barn.

“About six months ago I went into one of my horse’s stalls to feed and tripped on the rubber mats that he had pawed at and pulled up into a heap. I hit my head on the metal manger and laid there with a 1200-pound Thoroughbred hovering over me for about three hours.

“That was the final straw with rubber stall mats. I’ve never liked them because not only do I trip on them, the urine pools on top of the rubber horse mats which means I have to really pile on the shavings, which becomes expensive and labor intensive.

“A week after my accident in the stall I had a friend help me remove all the rubber stall mats and put in Stall Skins. He shoveled a layer of decomposed granite into the stall, I rolled out the Stall Skin — it was really simple — and we attached it. One piece — I love it! No more scattered rubber horse mats — I’ve replaced them all with Stall Skins.

“This big Thoroughbred had been the problem horse in the barn because he pawed all the time and weaved too, which meant the rubber stall mats were always in a disarray. But that hasn’t been a problem at all with the Stall Skins. They don’t even show a mark and have withstood all the beating he’s given them.

“And oh yes, with the rubber stall mats I was spending a small fortune on shavings. But with Stall Skins, my shavings bill has been cut in half. That also means that my labor is cut in half too. Because the Stall Skins material is permeable, the urine just soaks right through and doesn’t puddle on top like with rubber horse mats. I’m pleased to report that the barn doesn’t have that lingering urine smell.

“My advice is to get rid of rubber stall mats and replace them with Stall Skins. I’m happy I did!”

Here’s another bonus. The first huge savings from lining your stalls with Stall Skins is the initial cost, which is 50% less than conventional rubber stall mats! That savings alone is enough to make Stall Skins your only choice for stall flooring. No more rubber horse mats!

Choosing Stall Skins is an intelligent choice. Significant initial cost savings, less labor, savings on bedding, health benefits, safety advantages, easy installation — Stall Skins are the intelligent choice for lining the stalls in your barn!