One-piece, permeable Stall Skins is the ultimate choice for lining the stalls in your barn instead of using rubber stall mats. So why not move outside the barn and use Stall Skins for paddocks and run-in sheds? Excellent idea! Stall Skins is the perfect solution for winter-long mud and drainage issues. And believe it or not, the rainy season is just around the corner.

Why choose Stall Skins over rubber stall mats? Typical responses from horse owners include: “Reduces the smell of ammonia, I use 1/3 the shavings, less labor, stalls remain clean and dry, horses don’t trip like they do with rubber mats, easy to install,” and “Stall Skins are about half the cost of rubber stable mats!”

Stall Skins, the permeable stall flooring solution that can be used successfully inside and outside, allows moisture from rain and urine to leach naturally into the subsoil — unlike conventional rubber stall mats where moisture pools on top of the rubber horse mats. Stall Skins also acts as a dirt barrier, keeping the area mud-free.

Stall Skins, the perfect alternative to rubber stall mats and stable mats, are easy to install, save on bedding (bedding lasts about 2 to 3 times longer than with horse stall mats), are easier to clean than conventional rubber mats (big savings in labor), and cost about 50% less (wow!) than rubber stall mats. And if you’re tired of cleaning off a muddy horse when he comes in from the paddock, Stall Skins are the perfect solution — outdoor paddocks lined with Stall Skins remain remarkably mud-free, unlike rubber stall mats.

So how simple is it to install Stall Skins in a stall, paddock or run-in shed? Easy! It’s as basic as 1-2-3. Here’s how: (1) Lay down a firm base of crushed rock, limestone or road base. (2) Create a frame around the paddock, shed or stall with 2x4s. Add a layer of sand and unroll the Stall Skins material. (3) Screw the molding and Stall Skins permeable material to the frame and trim the excess material. There you have it! Add a deep layer of shavings and turn out your horse.

Stall Skins has been providing a superior alternative to rubber stall mats for over 16 years. In addition to being a superior flooring solution for stalls, Stall Skins is perfect for lining paddocks or run-in sheds. Horses will stay cleaner, the ammonia smell from urine is greatly reduced, you’ll save 65% on shavings, labor hours are significantly less, and Stall Skins will cost 50% less than rubber mats.