Puzzled about which stall flooring to use? Tired of wrestling with rubber stall mats? Stall Skins is the ultimate answer!

There are a number of reasons for choosing Stall Skins for your horse stalls, including cost savings over rubber stall mats or horse stable mats (Stall Skins cost 50% less than rubber stall mats!), time saved in cleaning stalls (wouldn’t you rather be riding than cleaning stalls?), less bedding material (you could save up to $100 a month per stall just in bedding material!), and no more pools of urine and damp shavings (and that awful odor). And you don’t have to worry about rubber stall mats piling on top of each other where your horse can trip or catch a shoe — or the fact that you can trip on those mats too!

Stall Skins is the perfect alternative to rubber mat flooring, and installation is a snap.


The permeable Stall Skins material (urine and water soak straight through) comes in a roll, and installation is much like lining a pie plate with pie dough. Whether you have a wooden, concrete or metal barn, or even want to use Stall Skins on outdoor paddocks, installation is essentially the same — and simple! Stall Skins are a complete stable mat system.

To install Stall Skins, you need four basic tools: Rake, shovel, power drill, utility knife. Prepare the stall area with decomposed granite, crushed rock, limestone or road base mixture. Then roll out and stretch the Stall Skins to fit, secure the Stall Skins by screwing the material through wooden walls or a fitted molding, trim the excess — and you’re ready to spread bedding material! Quick and simple  — an no dragging of heavy rubber mats!

Stall Skins is the perfect stall-lining solution that also keeps your horse safe and comfortable. They cost 50% of the price of rubber stall mats, reduce the amount of bedding material by 50%, help eliminate odor, and are virtually indestructible. Stall Skins stall flooring is economical and simple to clean — and it’s easy to install!