There isn’t one horse owner who hasn’t cursed mud. It tracks into stalls, can cause foot problems, and is just plain icky.

There’s hope! Stall Skins are an economical and easy way to keep paddocks and stalls dry. Yes, paddocks. Because Stall Skins are a permeable material, unlike conventional rubber horse mats, paddocks can remain relatively mud free for the whole winter and spring. And unlike with rubber mats, horses don’t slip on Stall Skins.

Stall Skins, the one-piece permeable stall flooring solution, can be used in an outdoor paddock to keep the area mud-free. How? Moisture from rain and urine drain through to a base underneath the Stall Skins paddock liner, and the Stall Skins act as a dirt barrier, keeping the area mud-free.


Stall Skins, the perfect alternative to rubber stall mats and stable mats, are easy to install, save on stall bedding, are easier to clean than conventional rubber mats, and cost about 50% less than rubber stall mats. And if you’re tired of cleaning off a muddy horse when he comes in from the paddock, Stall Skins are the perfect solution — during the rainy season, outdoor paddocks with Stall Skin linings remain mud-free.

So this winter, don’t wring your hands in frustration over a muddy paddock. Put Stall Skins in both the paddock and stall to keep your horse mud-free and comfortable. Stall Skins in the horse’s stall will keep ammonia fumes to a minimum, save you significant cleaning time, reduce the cost of bedding, and keep bedding as dry as possible. In fact, it’s been proven that by using Stall Skins instead of rubber horse mats, the cost of bedding can be reduced as much as 30% to 50%. That also means a considerable reduction in labor, too.

Stall Skins has been providing horse people an intelligent alternative to rubber mats for over 16 years. This winter, it’s Stall Skins for lining your paddocks and as a superior flooring solution for your stalls.