Dear Valued Customer,

After going more than 10 years without a price increase, we’re forced to raise our prices. Everything has gone up… but it’s mostly due to shipping and the changing way people shop (online.)


The big online retailers (Amazon, etc.) are squeezing carriers hard (UPS, FedEx, etc.) The result is the carriers are raising prices on the small operators like us. Not only rates, but the “Adjustments”, like 1″ oversize, are out of control. Last month we had $832 in “extra” charges on one shipper’s invoice.

Online Shopping

95% of our customers shop online now and prefer the security of paying with Amazon Payments and PayPal payment gateways. The cost to us is 5%.

Cost-Saving Tip:

Our best value continues to be Full Rolls 13′ x 150′

Full rolls ship Less-Than-Load (LTL) trucking. These rates have not gone up. Depending on stall size and your proximity to our mill, your costs could be as low as $120.00 per stall.

Why We Were Able to Go 10 Years Without A Price Increase:

Most of our sales are “word-of-mouth” now

  • We used to spend $8,000 per month on marketing; now we spend a fraction of that amount on online search ads.
  • No more trade shows. (cost about $5,000 per event)
  • We’ve stopped sending $5 info/sample packets (full-color brochure, sample, CD). Now you get a cheesy cover letter and a fabric sample – the cost is about $1.35. Everything in the brochure and on the CD is on our webpage – it seemed redundant to send the old package.
  • We moved our fabrication operation from California to Georgia… ’nuff said.