“I just wanted to say that I purchased my stall skins three years ago and I will never stall a horse without them again. Anyone that comes into my barn always compliments me on how dry my stalls are. Two out of three of my horses “potty” in the same corner of their stalls, so clean up is a breeze! I pick up the poo and the small wet area and I’m done! Many times I can’t remember when I put sawdust in their stalls last because they stay so dry. I do keep my sawdust thick since I know it won’t all be ruined in a day. The horses love it. Especially when it is cold! I am putting up a new run-in this spring and I plan on putting stall skins in there before the horses ever step foot inside. It makes me feel good to know they won’t be standing in mud ever. It’s a great product. I even used the trimmings along the bottom of my slider doors to help stop the drafts. That works great too! Anyone that purchases, won’t be disappointed.
Thank you from the bottom of my horses hooves!!”
Paula, Mercer PA