“I wanted to let you know how much I love my stall skin. I bought my first stall skin 10 years ago for my 24×24 outside corral. I just loved it. In the rain, my stall was the only one that was not wet at all! No mud! It was miracle. The urine drained under the stall skin cutting down the cost of shavings. That in itself is a money saver. I was so impressed, I bought 2 more and my friends bought a few also. Well, I have moved my horse to a barn stall which is a 12×12 and I am ordering another stall skin. At first, put down rubber mats because I had them. The urine stands on the rubber and is soaked by the shavings and causes the shavings to be wet all the time. Not good! I know from past experience the stall skin will solve the wet problem. I recommend stall skins for any horse.” 
Thanks, Pattie, Lakeside, CA