Why choose horse rubber stall mats when you can save money, time and energy with Stall Skins? And your horses will be happier by not having to stand in pools of urine like they do with rubber stall mats.

The first huge financial savings with Stall Skins over conventional rubber stall mats is the initial cost, which is 50% less than horse stall mats! Half the cost of rubber stall mats! That savings alone is enough to make Stall Skins your only choice for stall flooring. No more rubber stall mats!
But there are more savings long after the initial cost. Because Stall Skins are permeable, allowing urine to drain through to the material placed under them (unlike rubber stall mats), you use about half the amount of shavings you’d typically use with rubber mat flooring. And that also means less time and labor when cleaning stalls.

Let’s do the math. If you have one horse in a stall, with regular rubber stall mats you’d probably use about $150 worth of shavings each month (at about $5/bale). With Stall Skins, you’d use half that amount of shavings — perhaps even less. That’s a savings of about $75 a month in savings alone over using rubber stall mats — which could pay for a lot of hay or help pay off that new saddle!

Stall Skins are economical, from installation to on-going daily savings. And with one-piece Stall Skins the amount of ammonia in the stall and barn is drastically reduced, since the urine seeps through the material (you know what it smells like with rubber stall mats!). Stall Skins are safe, cost-effective and easy to install (and no heavy rubber stall mats to move around).
Choosing Stall Skins over rubber stall mats is a no-brainer. Significant cost savings, less labor, health benefits, safety advantages, easy installation, happier horses — Stall Skins are the intelligent choice for your barn!