“I built my new stalls and installed Stall Skins in June 2008. It’s been over 6 months now. Previously I had my mare boarded at a facility which had wood floors without any type of stall mats. I had just purchased my gelding so I had no stall experience with him. At first I was not so sure about the stall skins because I still found I was using a good bit of shavings. I had two horses now and was purchasing shavings by the bag and the labor and costs of bags was overwhelming. Recently, for the Christmas holidays, I had to board my horses at a friend’s barn…of course, they do not have any type of stall mats.
When we went to pick them up (after 17 days), my gelding was standing in completely WET shavings! My friend commented that she has never seen a horse urinate so much. I was very surprised because I have only found in his stall what I considered to be a “reasonable” amount of soiled shavings. Then my friend says “it must be your stall mats which are keeping your horses dry.”
So…I thought about what she said. This is what I do: First I pick up all of the manure. Then, I move around the stall, lightly scraping a thin layer of top dry shavings until I find a “wet spot.” Then, with my fork I “dig” down to the Stall Skins and scoop out all of the discolored dark shavings. Next, I fill the “hole” back up with dry shavings. My horses stay in the stalls primarily only at night and are in the pasture during the day. I pick out the manure on a daily basis and alternate days cleaning up the urine soiled shavings. I may have several soiled areas (which would be 2 nights’ worth) however, the amount of soiled shavings is usually about 2-3″ deep and only about the size of my fork…so I really think this is reasonable.
So, yes, I was able to save a great deal on shavings because I can purchase them at a great price. But I am also confident that I am using a great deal less shavings than I would if I had not purchased the Stall Skins. And as evidenced by boarding my horses at a facility where there were no stall mats, my horses feet are kept much dryer because of the Stall Skins!”
Linda Thibodaux, Louisiana