Helpful Tips for Stall Skins

Helpful Hint 1
Poor draining soil will benefit from a leaching system.

Helpful Hint 2
Place StallSkin fluffy side down.

Helpful Hint 3
Place screws on an angle when drilling through the material into the wall. Don’t turn the screws too tight or they will push through the washers.

Helpful Hint 4
Let the molding relax in the sun before installing in a cold climate. Roll molding away from you as you work.

Helpful Hint 5

Bedding We Recommend
Any bedding will work. Regular big chipped pine shavings work best. Though Pelletized bedding works well on rubber mats, we don’t recommend it as it doesn’t allow the urine to drain down through the mat and it is tough to make pelletised bedding 10” deep.

Helpful Hint 6
A plastic pitch fork will not poke holes in the fabric.