According to Dr. Mazan at Tufts Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine, few horse owners are aware of the damage they can receive by simply spending time in the barn; poor air quality can be just as dangerous for owners as it is for the horses in their care. And that poor air quality, in addition to ventilation issues, often stems from urine pooling on top of rubber stall mats. Mazan said that up to 80% of stabled horses develop airway inflammation, and this statistic likely has consequences for humans working in barns as well.

We all know what it’s like to walk into a barn on a hot summer day — the smell of ammonia can hit you like a brick and make you want to turn around and run. That’s because when rubber stall mats are used, urine pools on top of these horse stall mats and the bedding is constantly wet and smelly. The urine, quite simply, has no place to go.

Here’s the good news: By lining stalls with Stall Skins instead of with rubber mats, the urine passes through the membrane of the porous Stall Skins material into the prepared base below the Stall Skins, which completely absorbs the urine along with the majority of the ammonia smell.

There are a number of additional reasons to choose Stall Skins instead of conventional rubber horse mats for your horse’s stall. Cost is a big factor — Stalls Skins are 50% (yes, half!) of the cost of rubber mats. Stall Skinsare easy to install in one piece (simply unroll the material and attach it) and they withstand the test of time (including behaviors like pawing and weaving, etc.). By using Stall Skins to line stalls instead of rubber horse mats, the stalls are much easier to clean (a huge time and labor savings!) and — here’s another bonus — you use about half the amount of shavings typically used with rubber mats — another significant savings over regular rubber horse stall mats!

Add to that the fact that when Stall Skins are used instead of conventional rubber mats, you’ll be helping your horse’s health (and yours too). It just makes plain ol’ horse sense to install Stall Skins in your barn instead of rubber horse mats.

Money savings, labor savings, health advantages! It’s only smart to use Stall Skins instead of rubber mats!