Frequently Asked Questions

What are Stallskins made of?

Stallskins are made of polypropylene, which is a non woven fabric that you can not see through and have no holes, but liquid will flow straight through. This means that once it’s on the ground your horse won’t come into contact with the dirt again but the urine will drain straight through it.

How thick is a Stallskin?

It is very dense, just over 1/4” thick. You are welcome to request a sample from the web page. click to request sample packet

Is Thicker Better?

(click to read why “Thicker isn’t better”)

What can I use underneath it if my ground does not drain?

Crushed Limestone, DG, Road base, or a sand that has gravel mixed into it works well. Use whatever you can get locally. add a link to install leach pit page.

How long do they last?

Our proto-types have been in stalls for about 17 years. You will save at least a dollar a day in bedding costs so they should pay for themselves within 7 months.

Which way up does the fabric go?

The rough/shiny side goes up against the horse and the soft fluffy side goes down against the dirt.

Can I just order Stallskin fabric?

Check out the standard sizes of Fabric-Only in our online store. If the size you need is not available in our store, call us and we will gladly make whatever size you need. Call for details: 1-800-400-3165.

Custom Sizes?

Please call the office 1-800-400-3165. Custom sizes are considered fabric-only orders, they are not returnable and come without Molding or Screws and Washers.

Can I use this outside?

Absolutely, they are great for muddy gate ways, or paths that have a lot of foot traffic. Create a frame, make it flush with the ground and screw the material to the frame and cover with mulch or gravel.

How long do orders take?

Most Standard Kit Sizes usually ship within 48 hours. Custom Orders can take longer; call us for an estimated shipping time on custom orders.

Please contact us if you have any other questions, we are happy to help.