Concrete/Metal Barn/Outdoor Installation

Getting Started

You will need the following tools for easy installation:

  • Shovel and dirt rake for leveling
  • Power drill
  • Utility knife

Step 1: Prep Stall Area

We recommend you create a firm base of crushed rock, limestone or road base (e.g. decomposed granite). If necessary dig a leach pit in the desired area, then fill it with gravel and level out.

Step 2: Stall Skins Placement

Place 2x4 pressure treated lumber around the edge of the stall to create a frame (fitting lumber around any pipes as necessary). Add sand to cover gravel and rake to the same depth as the lumber.

Unfold the oversized material in the center. Lay fabric out rough/shiny side up, fluffy side down. Using a power drill place screws on an angle and screw molding through the material and into the wooden frame. Use this same procedure all the way around including any doorways.

Step 3: Trim

Remove any excess material with a razor blade or utility knife.

Step 4: Install Ample Bedding

Stall Skins were designed to be used with ample bedding – 6-8 inches. Remember, urine is passing through, so you wont be throwing out much bedding. Some situations may require less bedding (eg. horse is only in at night, horse has outside run, spending less time in stall, etc.) To guarantee the long life of your Stall Skin always use bedding.