“Three years ago we built our own ten stall barn and wanted to use the best material possible to line the stalls. We did not like the idea of rubber mats due to the wetness remaining on top and the shifting that often happens with conventional mats. We searched for an alternative and were impressed by the idea of Stall Skins and how the wetness was transferred through the mat rather than remaining on top as well as the one-piece construction. So, we decided to give them a try. We couldn’t be happier with the performance of Stall Skins! The installation is a breeze and they do not shift or bunch up in the stalls. The wetness is wicked through and we are convinced that this has saved us considerable money in shavings as well as labor when cleaning the stalls. The Stall Skins that we installed three years ago have been extremely durable and remain like new. We would have to say that they have surely paid for themselves many times over in the savings of our bedding. The health of our horses feet has vastly improved from not having to stand in wet shavings. We enthusiastically recommend Stall Skins to all those who keep horses!”
Bridget Coburn, Aylett, VA