“Before we built our barn and brought our horses home they were boarded at a barn that had cement floors covered with rubber mats in some stalls and dirt floors in other stalls. The horses were comfortable enough on both types of flooring but the urine really pooled in the stalls with rubber mats and the shavings got quite dirty in the stalls with plain dirt floors. (We had a horse in one of each kind of stall there).I researched all the stall floor options out there when we built our barn last spring. The other stall flooring systems that allowed urine to pass through to the soil beneath were all very costly. At the last minute, I found Stall skins and decided that the price was worth giving them a try. I cannot say enough good things about Stall skins. I am so happy that I found them.I installed them myself and I’ve waited 9 months before writing my testimonial just to see how they held up. They are still like new. The urine drains nicely into the sandy gravel beneath. The stalls are easy to clean, even with my messy mare, because there just isn’t a lot of urine to stir around when she walks in circles. In the summer there was virtually no urine smell.I have recommended the Stall skins to everyone I know and I plan to continue to do so. Thank you for a wonderful product with a fair price! You’ve made my horses very happy.”
Angela Shaw, Maine